RenderOptions data structure used as part of ViewOptions data structure.

RenderOptions example

    "StartPageNumber": 0,
    "CountPagesToRender": 0,
    "DefaultFontName": "string",
    "DefaultEncoding": "string",
    "RenderComments": true,
    "RenderHiddenPages": true,
    "SpreadsheetOptions": {
      "PaginateSheets": true,
      "CountRowsPerPage": 0,
      "RenderGridLines": true,
      "RenderEmptyRows": true,
      "RenderEmptyColumns": true,
      "RenderHiddenRows": true,
      "RenderHiddenColumns": true,
      "RenderPrintAreaOnly": true
    "CadOptions": {
      "ScaleFactor": 0,
      "Width": 0,
      "Height": 0
    "EmailOptions": {
      "PageSize": "string",
      "FieldLabels": [
          "Field": "string",
          "Label": "string"
    "ProjectManagementOptions": {
      "PageSize": "string",
      "TimeUnit": "string",
      "StartDate": "2019-02-26T10:48:23.911Z",
      "EndDate": "2019-02-26T10:48:23.911Z"
RenderOptions fields
StartPageNumberPage number, from which to start rendering. Rendering starts from first page by default.
CountPagesToRenderNumber of pages to render. All document pages rendered by default (or rest of pages, if StartPageNumber provided).
DefaultFontNameThe name of the default font. Default font name may be specified in following cases: You want to generally specify the default font to fall back on, if particular font in the document cannot be found during rendering. Your document uses fonts, that contain non-English characters and you want to make sure any missing font is replaced with one that has the same character set available.
DefaultEncodingDocument encoding
RenderCommentsIndicates whether to render comments.
RenderHiddenPagesIndicates whether hidden pages should be rendered.
SpreadsheetOptions.PaginateSheetsEnables worksheets pagination. By default one worksheet is rendered into one page.
SpreadsheetOptions.CountRowsPerPageThe number of rows rendered into one page when PaginateSheets = true. Default value is 50.
SpreadsheetOptions.RenderGridLinesIndicates whether to render grid lines.
SpreadsheetOptions.RenderEmptyRowsIndicates whether empty rows should be rendered.
SpreadsheetOptions.RenderEmptyColumnsIndicates whether empty columns should be rendered.
SpreadsheetOptions.RenderHiddenRowsEnables rendering of hidden rows.
SpreadsheetOptions.RenderHiddenColumnsEnables rendering of hidden columns.
SpreadsheetOptions.RenderPrintAreaOnlyEnables rendering worksheet(s) sections which is defined as print area. Renders each print area in a worksheet as a separate page.
CadOptions.ScaleFactorThe scale factor affects the size of an output document.
CadOptions.WidthThe width of the render result in pixels.
CadOptions.HeightThe height of the render result in pixels.
EmailOptions.PageSizeThe size of the output page when rendering as PDF or image.Supported values {Unknown
EmailOptions.FieldLabelsThe list of supported email message field labels
ProjectManagementOptions.PageSizeThe size of the page. Supported values {Unknown
ProjectManagementOptions.TimeUnitThe time unit to use as minimal point.
Supported values {UnknownDays
ProjectManagementOptions.StartDateThe start date of a Gantt Chart View to render.
ProjectManagementOptions.EndDateThe end date of a Gantt Chart View to render.