HtmlOptions data structure inherits RenderOptions and used as part of ViewOptions data structure.

HtmlOptions example

	"ExternalResources": false,
	"ResourcePath": "string",
	"IsResponsive": true

HtmlOptions fields

RenderOptions fieldsImageOptions inherits all properties of RenderOptions
ExternalResourcesControls output HTML document resources (styles, images and fonts) linking. By default this option is disabled and all the resources are embedded into HTML document.
ResourcePathPath for the HTML resources (styles, images and fonts). For example when resource path is{page-number}/resources/{resource-name} the {page-number} and {resource-name} templates will be replaced with page number and resource name accordingly.This option is ignored when ExternalResources option is disabled.
IsResponsiveIndicates whether rendering will provide responsive web pages, that look well on different device types. Default value is false.