GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud 21.8 Release Notes

This page contains release notes for GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud 21.8

Major Features

  • Added new rendering options for Archive, Email, Pdf, WordProcessing and Text files formats
  • Added support for Mail storage (Lotus notes), Visio files formats
  • Added ability to set or limit images width/height when rendering to HTML/PDF
  • Added ability to limit width/height when rendering to Image
  • Added optimization for printing when rendering to HTML

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

VIEWERCLOUD-413Set output image size limits when rendering single image to PDF/HTMLFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-414Optimize output HTML for printingFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-415Configure count of characters per row and rows per page to renderFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-412Review & Update Cloud SDK Tags at Nuget.orgTask

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

The list of added options in this release:

HtmlOptions.ForPrintingboolIndicates whether to optimize output HTML for printing
HtmlOptions.ImageHeight, PdfOptions.ImageHeightintThe height of an output image in pixels
HtmlOptions.ImageWidth, PdfOptions.ImageHeightintThe width of the output image in pixels
HtmlOptions.ImageMaxHeight, PdfOptions.ImageMaxHeightintMax height of an output image in pixels
HtmlOptions.ImageMaxWidth, PdfOptions.ImageMaxWidthintMax width of an output image in pixels
RenderOptions.TextOptionsTextOptionsRendering options for Text source file formats
TextOptions.MaxCharsPerRowintMax chars per row on page. Default value is 85
TextOptions.MaxRowsPerPageintMax rows per page. Default value is 55
RenderOptions.MailStorageOptionsMailStorageOptionsRendering options for Mail storage (Lotus Notes, MBox) data files
MailStorageOptions.TextFilterstringThe keywords used to filter messages
MailStorageOptions.AddressFilterstringThe email-address used to filter messages by sender or recipient
MailStorageOptions.MaxItemsintThe maximum number of messages or items for render. Default value is 0 - all messages will be rendered
RenderOptions.VisioRenderingOptionsVisioRenderingOptionsRendering options for Visio source file formats
VisioRenderingOptions.RenderFiguresOnlyboolRender only Visio figures, not a diagram
VisioRenderingOptions.FigureWidthintFigure width, height will be calculated automatically. Default value is 100
ArchiveOptions.FileNamestringThe filename to display in the header. By default the name of the source file is displayed
ArchiveOptions.ItemsPerPageintNumber of records per page (for rendering to HTML only)
EmailOptions.DateTimeFormatstringTime Format (can be include TimeZone) for example: ‘MM d yyyy HH:mm tt’
EmailOptions.TimeZoneOffsetstringMessage time zone offset. Format should be compatible with .net TimeSpan
PdfDocumentOptions.RenderTextAsImageboolWhen this option is set to true, the text is rendered as an image in the output HTML
WordProcessingOptions.LeftMarginfloatLeft page margin (for HTML rendering only)
WordProcessingOptions.RightMarginfloatRight page margin (for HTML rendering only)
WordProcessingOptions.TopMarginfloatTop page margin (for HTML rendering only)
WordProcessingOptions.BottomMarginfloatBottom page margin (for HTML rendering only)