GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud 20.3 Release Notes

This page contains release notes for GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud 20.3

Major Features

  • Added OutputPath option to DeleteViewOptions
  • Removed BMP View Format
  • Added Options for rendering a document into PDF
  • Added new render options
  • Added support for new file formats: xltm, xltx, jpc, xlam, mpx, oxps, fods, sxc, dwt, otg
  • Added support for programming languages code files (cpp, java, cs, etc)
  • Added support for archive file formats

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

VIEWERCLOUD-265Add page rotation supportFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-348Add Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Template (.xltm) file format supportFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-349Add Microsoft Excel Template (.xltx) file format supportFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-350Add programming languages file formats supportFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-351Add JPEG 2000 Code Stream (.jpc) file format supportFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-352Add Microsoft Excel Add-in (.xlam) file format supportFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-353Add Microsoft Project Exchange File (.mpx) file format supportFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-354Rendering custom folders from Outlook Data FilesImprovement
VIEWERCLOUD-355Support default font setting when rendering PDF into PNG/JPGFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-356Add OpenXPS File (.oxps) file format supportFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-357Add OpenDocument Flat XML Spreadsheet (.fods) file format supportFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-358Add Microsoft Project 2019 (.mpp) file format supportFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-359Improve performance when rendering Presentations into HTMLImprovement
VIEWERCLOUD-360Adjust page size when rendering email messages into HTMLFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-361Support excluding fonts when rendering PDF documentsFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-362Support rendering PDF documents without embedding or producing external font resourcesFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-363Add Gnu Zipped File (.gzip) file format supportFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-364Add StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet (.sxc) file format supportFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-365Improve rendering of Markdown Documentation File (*.md) file formatImprovement
VIEWERCLOUD-366Fit content by width when rendering mail messages into PDF/JPG/PNGImprovement
VIEWERCLOUD-367Add AutoCAD Drawing Template (.dwt) file-format supportFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-369Reduce the number of resources created when rendering MS Project documentsImprovement
VIEWERCLOUD-370Add OpenDocument Graphic Template (.otg) file format supportFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-371Improve rendering presentations to responsive HTMLImprovement
VIEWERCLOUD-372Include folder name when rendering archive foldersFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-373Add OutputPath option to DeleteViewOptionsFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-374Add Options for rendering a document into PDFFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-375Remove BMP View FormatFeature
VIEWERCLOUD-376Add new render optionsFeature

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes