GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud 18.2 Release Notes

Major Features

There are 12 features and fixes in this release. The most notable are:

  • Added file formats support
    • Jpeg2000 (JP2, J2C, J2K, JPF, JPX, JPM)
    • PPSM (PowerPoint macro-enabled slide show)
    • POTM (PowerPoint macro-enabled template)
    • ODG (OpenDocument Graphics)
  • Added options which allows to specify Layers when rendering CAD documents
  • Added support of rendering notes for Presentation documents when rendering as HTML
  • Added support of HTML and SVG minification
  • Added support of rendering MS Project documents by time intervals

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

VIEWERCLOUD-117Add option for specifying Layers when rendering CAD documentsNew Feature
VIEWERCLOUD-116Support rendering notes when rendering Presentation documents as HTMLNew Feature
VIEWERCLOUD-114Add JPEG2000 file format supportNew Feature
VIEWERCLOUD-113Add PPSM (PowerPoint macro-enabled slide show) file format supportNew Feature
VIEWERCLOUD-112Add POTM (PowerPoint macro-enabled template) file format supportNew Feature
VIEWERCLOUD-110Add ODG (OpenDocument Graphics) file format supportNew Feature
VIEWERCLOUD-106Support rendering to responsive HTMLNew Feature
VIEWERCLOUD-103Add PHP SDK for GroupDocs.Viewer CloudNew Feature
VIEWERCLOUD-102Support HTML and SVG minificationNew Feature
VIEWERCLOUD-98Support rendering MS Project documents by time intervalsNew Feature
VIEWERCLOUD-108Improve Swagger specification of GroupDocs.Viewer CloudImprovement
VIEWERCLOUD-109Swagger API reference to create PDF document from request body issueBug
VIEWERCLOUD-100Platform does not handle version of GroupDocs SDKBug