Features Overview

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud is a REST API that provides methods to convert the most popular file formats like PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX etc. into JPEG, PNG, HTML, or PDF formats.

The difference between the V2 version from V1 is a more simplified API with fewer methods and options. Also, it has a more optimized and refined internal architecture. In this version, the API includes methods for working with cloud storage, which is an important part: main viewer API methods take input documents from storage and put results there.

API Sections Overview

Api sectionDescription
Viewer APIMain API methods for getting information about documents and rendering them.
File APIMethods for upload, download, copy, move, delete files.
Folder APIMethods for create, copy, move, delete folders in the cloud storage.
Storage APIMethods for getting storage information and file information.

Supported file-formats

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud supports most popular document and file-formats see the full list of Supported Document Formats.

Security and Authentication

The GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud API is secured and requires authentication. One set of keys Client Id and Client Secret are required for Authentication which can be created at the Dashboard. Check Authenticating API Requests article for a complete example.


Check out our GitHub repository for a complete list of GroupDocs.Viewer SDKs along with working examples, to get you started in no time.

At the moment we’re generating SDKs the following platforms:

API Explorer

The easiest way to try out our API right away in your browser! With the GroupDocs Cloud API explorer. This is a collection of Swagger documentation for the GroupDocs Cloud APIs. You can get information about all the resources in the API. It also provides testing and interactivity to our API endpoint documentation.