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GroupDocs.Translation Cloud Product Family

Machine translation is one of the most demanded areas in NLP today as it allows faster and easier communication with your friends, colleagues, customers, business partners all over the world. Although the quality of machine translation has improved significantly in recent years, it is still not an adequate substitute for translation made by professionals in many cases. Nevertheless, taking into account speed of machine translation, it could be an indispensable assistant in your everyday routine. GroupDocs.Translation apps were created for this purpose. They use neural networks that provide fast and high-quality translation, and usage of our products allows to work not only with plain text, but also with Microsoft Office documents, PDF and Markdown files, preserving their layout. GroupDocs.Translation also supports OCR techology, that allows to work also with images and scanned documents and receive the result either in the form of plain text or as a PDF document.

GroupDocs.Translation Cloud is an on-demand service that translates a wide range of documents, from business contracts and agreements to technical documentation, using the power of neural machine translation. Supporting over 30 languages, the service can process documents in all popular formats while maintaining their original layout, structure, and formatting. Documents can also be converted on the fly, ensuring full compatibility with all editors and viewers.

GroupDocs.Translation online apps

Explore free online apps build with GroupDocs.Translation Cloud. Experience product capabilities without writing a single line of code.

Technical support.

GroupDocs provides unlimited free technical support for GroupDocs.Translation Cloud. Support is available to all users, regardless of subscription type, including free tier users.

The main support channel is the Free Support Forum. Post your question to GroupDocs.Translation Cloud Product Family topics and it will be answered within a few hours by the GroupDocs.Translation Cloud development team. When waiting for a response on the forums, please consider the difference in time zones.

We do not provide technical support by phone. Phone support is only available for sales and purchases.

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