How to work with Files and Storage

Using Files view

  • Log into Dashboard.
  • Click on the Files Page.
  • Expand Storage drop-down and select the desired Storage e.g “Test”.

Uploading Local File to a Storage

  • Click Upload
  • A dialog box appears, browse the desired file from your local machine. e.g “Input.docx” and click Open
  • Close the dialog box Congratulations! The file has been successfully uploaded.

You can view multiple properties of input.docx file i.e. Name, Size and Modified date. You can also observe the change in free and used space before and after uploading the file.

Creating a New Folder

  • Click New Folder
  • Provide the Folder Name e.g “MyFolderName”
  • Click Create and that’s it. A folder “MyFolderName” has been successfully created.

You can also view multiple properties i.e. FolderName, Size and Modified date.

Moving a File

  • Select an individual file i.e. input.docx
  • Click Move
  • Select the desired folder by clicking on your Storage drop-down
  • Click Move again

That’s it. The file has been successfully moved.

Copying a File

  • Select the desired file i.e. barcode.png
  • Click Copy
  • Select the desired folder
  • Click Copy again

That’s it. The file has been successfully copied.

Deleting a File

  • Select the desired file i.e. barcode.png
  • Click Delete
  • Click Yes to confirm or click Cancel to return back.

That’s it. The file has been successfully deleted.

Using the API

  • Each product has integrated an API to work with storages, files and folders.
  • Please check documentation of the product of your interest to see how you can manage the above mentioned resources through the product’s API by using REST API calls.