Creating and Managing Application

Create New Application

  1. Log into Dashboard.
  2. Access the Applications page.
  3. Click on the Create New Application button.
  4. If you have no storage created yet, let’s first create one by clicking on the create button next to the default storage select box field.
  5. Follow the tutorial on the Creating and Managing Storages page in order to setup your first storage.
  6. Once you create and connect the storage, go back to the Applications page.
  7. Enter details for new App.
  8. The newly created storage will be pre-selected on the Default Storage field since it’s the single storage you have.
  9. And then click on Save button.

You can view the newly created app under the Applications page.

Get Client Id and Client Secret

  1. Each App has its own Client Id and Client Secret.
  2. Access the newly create application from the Applications view to see the keys.