UpdateSettings data structure used as input parameters of Update API method.

UpdateSettings example
  'FileInfo': {
    'FilePath': 'signedBarcode_one-page.docx'
  'Options': [
      'SignatureType': 'Barcode',
      'SignatureId': '4cb67aa8-835d-4877-8a5d-5a9ad015a098',
      'Left': 200,
      'Top': 200,
      'Width': 300,
      'Height': 100,
      'IsSignature': true
UpdateSettings fields
NameDescriptionAPI Version
FileInfo.FilePathThe path of the document, located in the storage. Required.
FileInfo.StorageNameStorage name
FileInfo.VersionIdFile version Id
FileInfo.PasswordPassword for password-protected document to be signed.
OptionsArray of options to perform signatures update