UpdateResult data structure returned by Update API method as output result

UpdateResult example
  "fileInfo": {
    "filePath": "signedBarcode_one-page.docx",
    "storageName": null,
    "versionId": null,
    "password": null
  "size": 1360021,
  "succeeded": [
      "barcodeType": "Code128",
      "text": "123456789012",
      "format": null,
      "signatureType": "Barcode",
      "pageNumber": 1,
      "signatureId": "4cb67aa8-835d-4877-8a5d-5a9ad015a098",
      "isSignature": true,
      "createdOn": "2020-07-23T07:26:42.7549544+00:00",
      "modifiedOn": "2020-07-23T07:36:03.9037414+00:00",
      "top": 200,
      "left": 200,
      "width": 300,
      "height": 100
  "failed": []

UpdateResult fields
NameDescriptionAPI Version
fileInfoInput file information
sizeThe size of the output document
SucceededList of successfully modified signatures
FailedList of signatures that were not updated