Supported Document Formats

Supported File Formats Cloud V2

This page is a reference for all document and image formats supported by GroupDocs.Signature Cloud V2

Image Formats

FormatFile ExtensionSignature
Bitmap Picture (BMP)BMP
Computer Graphics MetafileCGM
CorelDraw ImageCDR
Corel Exchange imageCMX
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)DCM
Deja Vu (DjVu)DJVU
Digital Negative SpecificationDNG
Windows Enhanced Metafile (EMF)EMF
Encapsulated PostScriptEPS
Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)GIF
Windows IconICO
JPEG 2000 (JP2)JP2, JPF, JPX, J2K, J2C, JPM
Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)JPG, JPEG
Open Document GraphicODG
Printer Command LanguagePCL
Portable Network Graphics (PNG)PNG
PostScript (PS)PS
Adobe Photoshop Document (PSD)PSD
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)SVG
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)TIF, TIFF
WebP ImageWEBP
Windows Metafile (WMF)WMF

PDF Formats

FormatFile ExtensionSignature
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)PDF

Presentation Formats

FormatFile ExtensionSignature
OpenDocument PresentationODP
OpenDocument Presentation TemplateOTP
Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled TemplatePOTM
Microsoft PowerPoint TemplatePOTX
Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Slide ShowPPS
Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Slide ShowPPSM
Microsoft PowerPoint Slide ShowPPSX
Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 PresentationPPT
Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled PresentationPPTM
Microsoft PowerPoint PresentationPPTX

Spreadsheet Formats

FormatFile ExtensionSignature
Comma Separated Values FileCSV
OpenDocument SpreadsheetODS
OpenDocument Spreadsheet TemplateOTS
Tab Separated Values FileTSV
Microsoft Excel 97-2003 WorksheetXLS
Microsoft Excel Binary WorksheetXLSB
Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled WorksheetXLSM
Microsoft Excel WorksheetXLSX

Word Processing Formats

FormatFile ExtensionSignature
Microsoft Word 97-2003 DocumentDOC
Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled DocumentDOCM
Microsoft Word DocumentDOCX
Microsoft Word 97-2003 TemplateDOT
Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled TemplateDOTM
Microsoft Word TemplateDOTX
OpenDocument TextODT
OpenDocument Text TemplateOTT
Rich Text DocumentRTF
Plain Text DocumentTXT