SignSettings data structure used as input parameters for Sign API method

SignSettings example
  "FileInfo": {
    "FilePath": "files01.docx",
  "SaveOptions": {
    "OverwriteExisting": "true",
    "OutputFilePath": "file02.docx"
      "SignatureType": "Barcode",
      "Page": 1,
      "Text": "John Smith",
      "BarcodeType": "Code128",
      "Left": 2,
      "Top": 2
      "SignatureType": "Image",
      "Page": 1,
      "ImageFilePath": "image1.jpg",
      "Left": 200,
      "Top": 200

SignSettings fields
NameDescriptionAPI Version
FileInfo.FilePathThe path of the document, located in the storage. Required.
FileInfo.StorageNameStorage name
FileInfo.VersionIdFile version Id
FileInfo.PasswordPassword for rendering password-protected documents
SaveOptions.OverwriteExistingFlag to remove existing file if it exists
SaveOptions.OutputFilePathOutput flle path
OptionsArray with at least one SignOptions that specifies Signature and Document type and its properties to be added to Document