SignResult data structure returned by Sign API method  as output result

SignResult example
  "FileInfo": {
    "FilePath": "signed/one-page.pdf",
    "Password" : "1234567890"
  "Size" : 12345,
  "DownloadUrl": "signed/one-page.pdf",
  "succeeded": [
      "qrCodeType": "Aztec",
      "text": "123456789012",
      "format": "Portable Network Graphic",
      "signatureType": "QRCode",
      "pageNumber": 1,
      "signatureId": "bb9ca1b7-fea4-4ec3-9984-9c9279bda16d",
      "isSignature": true,
      "createdOn": "2020-07-21T09:08:25.3947498+00:00",
      "modifiedOn": "2020-07-21T09:08:25.3947498+00:00",
      "top": 100,
      "left": 100,
      "width": 100,
      "height": 100
  "failed": []
SignResult fields
FilePathName of the signed document
SizeSize of the signed document
DownloadUrlPage file path in the cloud storage. Use this value to download page using
SucceededList of newly created signatures
FailedList of signatures that were failed to create