InfoResult data structure returned by Info API method  as output result

InfoResult example
  "fileInfo": {
    "filePath": "signaturedocs/one-page.docx",
    "storageName": null,
    "versionId": null,
    "password": null
  "extension": "docx",
  "fileFormat": "Microsoft Word Open XML Document",
  "size": 1359584,
  "pagesCount": 1,
  "dateCreated": "2020-07-21T05:37:12.1994841Z",
  "dateModified": "2020-07-14T07:03:23Z",
  "widthForMaxHeight": 612,
  "maxPageHeight": 792,
  "pages": [
      "number": 0,
      "name": null,
      "width": 612,
      "height": 792,
      "angle": 0,
      "visible": false
InfoResult fields
FileInfoFile path, storage, version, password
ExtensionDocument extension
FileFormatDocument file format
SizeDocument size in bytes
PagesCountCount of pages in document
DateCreatedDocument creation date
DateModifiedDocument modification date
WidthForMaxHeightSpecifies width for max height of document page
MaxPageHeightSpecifies max page height
pagesList of document pages
page.numberPage number, starts from 1
page.NamePage name
page.widthPage width, if image format requested, otherwise 0
page.heightPage height, if image format requested, otherwise 0
AnglePage angle
VisiblePage visibility