GroupDocs.Signature Cloud 21.5 Release Notes

Major Features

  • Add document preview API
  • Added new sign options signature properties

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

SIGNATURECLOUD-571Add document preview APIFeature
SIGNATURECLOUD-569Add SignTextOptions.Native optionFeature
SIGNATURECLOUD-570Add PDF digital signature propertiesFeature

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Add document preview API

Method allows to create document preview images, one per page. Image size and format can be set as options.

Input data structure: PreviewSettings Output data structure: PreviewResult


Added SignTextOptions.Native option

Gets or sets the native attribute. If it is set document specific signatures could be used. Native text watermark for WordProcessing documents is different than regular, for example.

"Options": [{
   "Native": true

Added PDF digital signature properties

DigitalSignature was expanded with pdf digital signature properties

"Options": {
   "PdfDigitalSignature": {
       "ContactInfo": "string",
       "Location": "string",
       "Reason": "string",
       "Type": "enum",
       "TimeStamp": "TimeStamp",
       "ShowProperties": "boolean"