GroupDocs.Signature Cloud 21.11 Release Notes

Major Features

  • Added new options describing signature appearance
  • Added support of FormField signatures
  • Improved getting document info with signatures list and new options

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

SIGNATURECLOUD-587Add support for SignOptions.AppearanceImprovement
SIGNATURECLOUD-588Implement ability to exclude Deleted Signatures from Document informationFeature
SIGNATURECLOUD-589Extend IDocumentInfo interface with new property to keep list of all existing SignaturesImprovement
SIGNATURECLOUD-590Extend Delete method with overloads that accept Id or List of identifiersInvestigation

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Get document info API

InfoSettings was extended with ShowDeletedSignaturesInfo property that that allow to include deleted signatures into Document Info result

   "FileInfo": {
      "FilePath": "one-page.docx"
   "ShowDeletedSignaturesInfo": true

InfoResult was extended with Signatures field that contains collection of document signatures

 "signatures": [
      "text": "John Smith",
      "signatureImplementation": "Native",
      "signatureType": "Text",
      "pageNumber": 1,
      "signatureId": "9701c793-a548-444c-9625-91bc5ae0a474",
      "isSignature": true,
      "createdOn": "2020-07-07T05:59:57.4849682+00:00",
      "modifiedOn": "2020-07-07T05:59:57.4849682+00:00",
      "top": 330,
      "left": 2,
      "width": 200,
      "height": 100

Added SignOptions.Appearance option

SignOptions (and derived structures) was extended with new option Appearance with additional properties for this options instance

  "FileInfo": {
    "FilePath": "string",
    "StorageName": "string",
    "VersionId": "string",
    "Password": "string"
  "Options": [
      "Page": 0,
      "AllPages": true,
      "PagesSetup": {
        "FirstPage": true,
        "LastPage": true,
        "OddPages": true,
        "EvenPages": true,
        "PageNumbers": [
      "Appearance": {}
  "SaveOptions": {
    "OverwriteExisting": true,
    "OutputFilePath": "string",
    "SaveFormat": "string"

There are several derived structures of SignatureAppearance: PdfTextAnnotationAppearance, PdfTextStickerAppearance, ImageAppearance, DigitalSignatureAppearance, PdfDigitalSignatureAppearance

Added FormField signature type

The SignatureType enum was extended with new FormField value. Added new signature classes: CheckboxFormFieldSignature, ComboboxFormFieldSignature, DigitalFormFieldSignature, RadioButtonFormFieldSignature, TextFormFieldSignature