GroupDocs.Signature Cloud 20.7 Release Notes

Major Features

  • Added support for new file formats
  • Added new signature properties
  • New Update signatures API method
  • New Delete signatures API method

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

SIGNATURECLOUD-540Add Properties to Signature as result of Search methodImprovement
SIGNATURECLOUD-541Implement Z-Order for Text SignatureFeature
SIGNATURECLOUD-542Implement Border for image signatureFeature
SIGNATURECLOUD-543Set up additional properties for digital signaturesImprovement
SIGNATURECLOUD-544Add support for new file formatsImprovement
SIGNATURECLOUD-545Update signature methodFeature
SIGNATURECLOUD-546Delete signature methodFeature

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

DocumentType option, property and enumeration type removed

There is no need to specify DocumentType property in all options of all API methods, the document type will be detected automatically from this version:

SignOptions, VerifyOptions, SearchOptions, Signature
"DocumentType": "WordProcessing" * Removed, do not use

Opacity option renamed to Transparency

BorderLine, SignBarcodeOptions, SignImageOptions, SignQRCodeOptions, SignDigitalOptions, SignStampOptions classes have been updated by renaming the Opacity property to Transparency with changing value interpretation, so value shell be set from 0.0 - no transparency (default) to 1.0 - transparent:

BorderLine, SignBarcodeOptions, SignImageOptions, SignQRCodeOptions, SignDigitalOptions, SignStampOptions
"Transparency": 0.0

Border options replaced with BorderLine class

SignOptions, VerifyOptions, SearchOptions and all inherited classes have been updated by removing BorderColor, BorderVisibility, BorderDashStyle, BorderWeight properties and replaced with single property Border, of existing BorderLine type:

SignOptions, VerifyOptions, SearchOptions
"Border": {
   "Style": "Dash",
   "Color": { "Web": "Orange" },
   "Transparency": 0,
   "Weight": 12,
   "Visible": true

ImageGuid and CertificateGuid renamed

SignImageOptions, SignStampOptions, SignDigitalOptions, TextureBrush classes have been updated by renaming the ImageGuid and CertificateGuid properties into ImageFilePath and CertificateFilePath:

SignImageOptions, SignStampOptions, SignDigitalOptions, TextureBrush
"ImageFilePath": "file.jpg",
"CertificateFilePath": "cert.pfx"