GroupDocs.Signature Cloud 19.5 Release Notes

GroupDocs.Signature Cloud V2

GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud is a REST API to create, verify and search different types of Signatures objects to documents in the cloud by performing a wide variety of signature options you can wish to put on a document in the cloud, verify the document and search Signatures in it. Summary there are five types of the supported Signature type you can operate with.

The difference between the V2 version from V1 is a more simplified API with fewer methods and options. Also, it has a more optimized and refined internal architecture. In this version, the API includes methods for working with cloud storage, which is an important part: main signature API methods take input documents from storage and put results there.

API Sections Overview

Api sectionDescription
Signature APIMain API methods to create, verify and search for signatures, same as getting additional information of documents\
File APIMethods for upload, download, copy, move, delete files: input documents and rendering results, in the cloud storage
Folder APIMethods for creating, copy, move, delete folders in the cloud storage
Storage APIMethods for getting storage information and file information

Major Features

  • This is the first release of a completely new version of the API¬†GroupDocs.Signature.Cloud v2.0
  • V2 provides a much simpler and intuitive API comparing with V1
  • V2 includes Storage and File API which enables users to manage storage and files