Subsription plans

GroupDocs.Rewriter Cloud is an on-demand service with a free tier. You must register with GroupDocs Cloud API to access the content processing features.

Free tier

This plan is automatically granted to you when you sign up for a new account. It allows you to access all GroupDocs.Rewriter Cloud features with with a monthly data processing limit. Free tier allows you to use GroupDocs.Rewriter Cloud API from any number of applications, with a maximum of 150 API calls per month. As long as you stay within the limits, you can also perform concurrent requests.

Apart from the limit on the number of API calls, there are no other restrictions. We do not place watermarks or messages inside rewritten documents or text, and we do not limit the content size processed per request.

The free tier allows you to familiarize yourself with the service, explore its capabilities, and begin the development. However, once you exceed the limits, you must sign up for a paid plan to continue.

Paid plan allows you to process as many files as you need. Each month, we will count the total number of API calls you have made and bill you according to pricing.

Visit GroupDocs Cloud API Dashboard to select a plan, check out the the total number of API calls in the current period, billing information and detailed usage logs.

If you have questions related to a purchase, check out our purchase policies and FAQs.

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