Set Metadata

This REST API allows to set metadata new values into existing properties of the documents.

With this API you can set metadata with following features:

  • Metadata properties could contain different types of values:
    • string;
    • datetime;
    • integer;
    • double;
    • boolean;
  • There are many ways to specify what property should be edited. You could search for properties to set by:
    • name (a part of name, exact phrase, regex match. All names matching is ignorecase);
    • tag (exact tag, possible tag name);
    • value.

The table below contains the full list of properties that can be specified when setting metadata to the document.

FileInfo.FilePathThe path of the document, located in the storage.Required.
FileInfo.StorageNameStorage nameCould be omitted for default storage.
OutputFolderThe folder for the resultant file.Default value is “/add_metadata”
PropertiesCollection of properties to set.Required
Properties.NewValueThe value of the edited property.Required
Properties.TypeType of the edited value.String is default. Possible types: string;datetime;integer;double;boolean.
SearchCriteriaOptions to define metadata property tag or name.Required
SearchCriteria.TagOptionsOptions to find property by tag.Required if searching by tag
TagOptions.PossibleNameA part or a possible tag name.If a part of tag name is known
ExactTagOptions to specify exact tag.If tag and category name is known. More accurate
ExactTag.NameName of the tag.Required
ExactTag.CategoryCategory of the tag.Required
SearchCriteria.NameOptionsOptions to find property by name.Required if searching by name
NameOptions.ValueThe value for name matching.Required
NameOptions.MatchOptionsSpecifies how to find property name.
MatchOptions.ExactPhraseValue indicating whether to match exact string phrase.
MatchOptions.IsRegexValue indicating whether to match by regular expression.
SearchCriteria.ValueOptionsOptions to find property by value.Required if searching by value
ValueOptions.ValueSpecifies value of property to find.Required
ValueOptions.TypeType of property value.String is default. Possible types: string;datetime;integer;double;boolean.

Resource URI

HTTP POST ~/metadata/set

Swagger UI lets you call this REST API directly from the browser. 

Use Cases