Add Metadata


This REST API allows to add metadata to the documents.

With this API you can add metadata with following features:

  • Metadata properties could contain different types of values: ** string; ** datetime; ** integer; ** double; ** boolean;
  • There are many ways to specify what property should be added. You could search for properties to add by: ** name (a part of name, exact phrase, regex match. All names matching is ignorecase); ** tag (exact tag, possible tag name).

The table below contains the full list of properties that can be specified when adding metadata to the document.

|Name|Description|Comment |FileInfo.FilePath|The path of the document, located in the storage. |Required. |FileInfo.StorageName|Storage name|Could be omitted for default storage. |OutputFolder|The folder for the resultant file.|Default value is “/add_metadata” |Properties|Collection of properties to add.|Required |Properties.Value|The value of the added property.|Required |Properties.Type|Type of the added value.|String is default. Possible type values: string, datetime, integer, double, boolean |SearchCriteria|Options to define metadata property tag or name.|Required |SearchCriteria.TagOptions|Options to find property by tag.|Required if searching by tag |TagOptions.PossibleName|A part or a possible tag name.|If a part of tag name is known |ExactTag|Options to specify exact tag.|If tag and category name is known. More accurate |ExactTag.Name|Name of the tag.|Required |ExactTag.Category|Category of the tag.|Required |SearchCriteria.NameOptions|Options to find property by name.|Required if searching by name |NameOptions.Value|The value for name matching.|Required |NameOptions.MatchOptions|Specifies how to find property name.| |MatchOptions.ExactPhrase|Value indicating whether to match exact string phrase.| |MatchOptions.IsRegex|Value indicating whether to match by regular expression.|

Resource URI

HTTP POST ~/metadata/add

Swagger UI lets you call this REST API directly from the browser. 

Use Cases