Supported Document Formats

The following table indicates the file formats that GroupDocs.Editor Cloud can edit.

WordProcessing family formats

FormatDescriptionEditAuto Detection
DOCMS Word 97-2007 Binary File Format(tick)(tick)
DOCXOffice Open XML WordProcessingML Macro-Free Document(tick)(tick)
DOCMOffice Open XML WordProcessingML Macro-Enabled Document(tick)(tick)
DOTMS Word 97-2007 Template(tick)(tick)
DOTMOffice Open XML WordprocessingML Macro-Enabled Template(tick)(tick)
DOTXOffice Open XML WordprocessingML Macro-Free Template(tick)(tick)
FlatOPCOffice Open XML WordprocessingML stored in a flat XML file instead of a ZIP package(tick)
ODTOpen Document Format Text Document(tick)(tick)
OTTOpen Document Format Text Document Template(tick)(tick)
RTFRich Text Format(tick)(tick)
WordMLMicrosoft Office Word 2003 XML Format — WordProcessingML or WordML(tick)(tick)

Spreadsheet family formats

FormatDescriptionEditAuto Detection
XLSExcel 97-2003 Binary File Format(tick)(tick)
XLTExcel 97-2003 Template(tick)(tick)
XLSXOffice Open XML Workbook Macro-Free(tick)(tick)
XLSMOffice Open XML Workbook Macro-Enabled(tick)(tick)
XLTXOffice Open XML Template Macro-Free(tick)(tick)
XLTMOffice Open XML Template Macro-Enabled(tick)(tick)
XLSBExcel Binary Workbook(tick)(tick)
XLAMExcel Add-in(tick)(tick)
SXCStarOffice or Calc XML Spreadsheet(tick)(tick)
SpreadsheetMLMicrosoft Office Excel 2002 and Excel 2003 XML Format(tick)(tick)
ODSOpenDocument Spreadsheet(tick)(tick)
FODSFlat OpenDocument Spreadsheet — stored as a single uncompressed XML document(tick)(tick)
DIFData Interchange Format(tick)(tick)
DSVDelimiter Separated Values document (arbitrary delimiter)(tick)
CSVComma Separated Values document(tick)
TSVTab Separated Values document(tick)

Presentation family formats

FormatDescriptionEditAuto Detection
PPTMicrosoft PowerPoint 95 Presentation(tick)(tick)
PPTMicrosoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation(tick)(tick)
PPTXMicrosoft Office Open XML PresentationML Macro-Free Document(tick)(tick)
PPTMMicrosoft Office Open XML PresentationML Macro-Enabled Document(tick)(tick)
PPSMicrosoft PowerPoint 97-2003 SlideShow(tick)(tick)
PPSXMicrosoft Office Open XML PresentationML Macro-Free SlideShow(tick)(tick)
PPSMMicrosoft Office Open XML PresentationML Macro-Enabled SlideShow(tick)(tick)
POTMicrosoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation Template(tick)(tick)
POTXMicrosoft Office Open XML PresentationML Macro-Free Template(tick)(tick)
POTMMicrosoft Office Open XML PresentationML Macro-Enabled Template(tick)(tick)
ODPOpenDocument Presentation(tick)(tick)
OTPOpenDocument Presentation template(tick)(tick)

Other formats

FormatDescriptionEditAuto Detection
TXTPlain Text(tick)
HTMLHyperText Markup Language(tick)
XMLeXtensible Markup Language(tick)