GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud 20.2 Release Notes

This page contains release notes for GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud 20.2

Major Features

  • Added support of new source conversion formats: DIB, XLT, POT, XLAM, MPX, JPC, DWT, JPEG-LS
  • Added support of new target conversion formats: WMF, EMF, XLAM
  • Added support of new conversion options
  • Encoding for source CSV and TXT documents
  • TimeZoneOffset, ConvertAttachments  for source Email documents

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

CONVERSIONCLOUD-349FeatureImplement conversion from Dib
CONVERSIONCLOUD-350FeatureImplement conversion from Xlt
CONVERSIONCLOUD-351FeatureImplement conversion to Wmf
CONVERSIONCLOUD-352FeatureImplement conversion to Emf
CONVERSIONCLOUD-353FeatureImplement conversion from Pot
CONVERSIONCLOUD-354FeatureImplement conversion to and from Xlam
CONVERSIONCLOUD-355FeatureImplement conversion from Mpx
CONVERSIONCLOUD-356FeatureImplement conversion from Jpc
CONVERSIONCLOUD-357FeatureImplement conversion from Dwt
CONVERSIONCLOUD-358FeatureImplement conversion from JPEG-LS (Jls)
CONVERSIONCLOUD-360FeatureKeep the timezone of the SENT field
CONVERSIONCLOUD-363FeatureAdd new document loading options
CONVERSIONCLOUD-359ImprovementImprove Diagram to Word conversion quality
CONVERSIONCLOUD-361ImprovementConverting multi-page TIFF to PDF
CONVERSIONCLOUD-362ImprovementMPP to XLS conversion improvement and missing information

Public API Examples

List of changes in GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud 20.2