JsonRequest Fields Description

Note:  The features listed in this page are working only with GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud V1
sourceFileFile ObjectInformation about source file
targetFilesFile Object[]Information about target file(s)
settingsComparisonSettings ObjectComparison settings
changesChangeInfo Object[]Changes for apply or discard. Used only for Changes resource.

File Object fields

folderstringPath to the folder with file
namestringFile name
passwordstringPassword for encrypted documents

ComparisonSettings Object fields

generateSummaryPageboolAdd summary page to result document
showDeletedContentboolShow deleted components in result document
styleChangeDetectionboolDetect style changes
insertedItemsStyleItemsStyle ObjectStyle for inserted components
deletedItemsStyleItemsStyle ObjectStyle for deleted components
styleChangedItemsStyleItemsStyle ObjectStyle for style changed components
wordsSeparatorCharsstring[]Array of separators for dividing text on words
detailLevelDetailLevelenumSet the level for detail of comparison
useFramesForDelInsElementsboolUse frames for shapes in Comparison.Words and for rectangles in Comparison.Imaging
calculateComponentCoordinatesboolCalculate coordinates for changed components
markDeletedInsertedContentDeepboolAccept inserted/deleted styles for all children of inserted/deleted components
cloneMetadataCloneMetadata enumSet type of metadata to clone
metaDataMetaData ObjectSet user metadata
PasswordSaveOptionPasswordSaveOption enumSet type of password save
PasswordstringSet user Password to result document

ItemsStyle Object fields

colorstringColor for changed components
beginSeparatorStringstringStart tag for changed components
endSeparatorStringstringEnd tag for changed components
boldboolBold style for changed components
italicboolItalic style for changed components
strikeThroughboolStrike through style for changed components

ChangeInfo Object fields

IdintId of change
actionAction enumAction (accept or reject). This field shows comparison what to do with this change (required for request)
typeTypeChanged enumType of change (Inserted, Deleted or StyleChanged) (required for request)
textstringText of changed element
authorsstring[]Array of authors who made this change (used for multi comparison)
styleChangesstyleChangeInfo Object[]Array of style changes

ComparisonChangesCategoryObject fields

CategorystringName of category
ChangesChangeInfo[]Array of ChangeInfo objects

StyleChangeInfo Object fields

changedPropertystringName of changed style
oldValuestringValue of changed style from source document
newValuestringValue of changed style from target document

MetaData Object field

AuthorstringValue of document Author
LastSaveBystringValue of last save by author of document
CompanystringValue of Company of document

DetailLevel enum

Low, Middle, Hight

Action enum

Accept, Reject

TypeChanged enum

Inserted, Deleted, StyleChanged