ChangeInfo data structure returned by /comparison/changes API as output result. Also used by /comparison/updates API as input.

ChangeInfo example:

    "id": 0,
    "comparisonAction": "None",
    "type": "Inserted",
    "text": "lol",
    "targetText": "Latin (i/?læt?n/, /?læt?n/; Latin: lingua lat?na, IPA: [?l????a la?ti?na]) is a classical language, originally spoken inLatium, Italy, which belongs to the Italic branch of the Indo-European languages.[3] The Latin alphabet is derived from the Etruscan and Greek alphabetslol.",
    "authors": [
    "styleChangeInfo": [],
    "pageInfo": {
      "width": 0,
      "height": 0,
      "pageNumber": 0
    "box": {
      "height": 0,
      "width": 0,
      "x": 0,
      "y": 0
IdId of change
ComparisonActionAction (accept or reject). This field shows comparison what to do with this change. Used with ‘updates’ API method.
TypeType of change (Inserted, Deleted, StyleChanged, etc.)
TextSource text
TargettextTarget text
AuthorsArray of authors who made this change (used for multi comparison)
PageInfoDescription of page on which change is found
BoxDescription of the place where change is found
StyleChangeInfoArray of style changes
ChangedPropertyName of changed style
OldValueValue of changed style from source document
NewValueValue of changed style from target document