Status and Error Codes

This section introduces Assembly Cloud specific status & error codes. The request/response data is transmitted in JSON format.

The following table contains a list of status and error codes that you can receive from server while interacting with Assembly Cloud API:

Status CodeHTTP Status Code DescriptionError CodeError Code Description
2xxThis group of status codes indicates the action, requested by the client, was received and accepted
200Standard response for successful request
201The request has been fulfilled and a new resource was created

The request has been fulfilled and a resource was removed

4xxThis group of status code indicates an error, that seems to have been caused by the client

Failed to handle the request due to invalid parameters or missing resources

FailedToReadFileCould not read the file (the file can be corrupted or damaged)
UnsupportedFileTypeThat the provided file has a format, that is not supported
MissingFileInfoThe parameter 'FileInfo' was not specified
MissingParametersThe request parameters are missing or have incorrect format

Authorization failed. The server is refusing action

MissingPasswordThe password was not provided
IncorrectPasswordThe provided password is incorrect
404The requested resource could not be foundFileNotFoundThe file can not be found
AttachmentNotFoundThe attachment can not be found
FontsPathNotFoundThe specified fonts path can not be found
405A request method is not supported for the requested resource
5xxThis class of status code is intended for situations in which the server is incapable of performing the request

Internal server error occurred while processing the request

Error Response Example

If the corresponding with the identifier file can not be found in the Cloud Storage, the Assembly Cloud Service reply would look as follows:

Status: 404 Not Found
 "error": {  
   "code": "FileNotFound",  
   "message": "Can't find file with given name 'document.doc' and folder 'My Documents'."