Getting Started

This introductory part provides a brief overview of the most important features, functionalities and use aspects of the product. You’ll also find information about product’s evaluation, technical support and available SDKs with corresponding installation instructions.

Please, refer to the required documentation section:

  • “Product Overview” — contains information about product’s supported features, software requirements, security issues, available SDKs and other questions.
  • “Supported File Formats and Conversions” — describes groups of file formats and their conversions, supported by the API.
  • “SDK Installation Instructions” — contains detailed instructions on how to install the required SDK.
  • “Quick Start” — helps you get up and running with the Assembly Cloud SDK, so you can start using it within minutes.
  • “Status and Error Codes” — introduces product’s specific status and error codes.
  • “Evaluation and Pricing Plans” — contains marketing information on product’s evaluation and pricing strategies.
  • “Technical Support” — contains information for developers, who have run into an error or have got a technical issue.