GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud 22.2 Release Notes

Major Features

  • Add an ability to get consumption of metered license (this feature is for Docker version only)
  • Introduced support of Google Cloud Storage (this feature is for Docker version only)
  • Added squiggly annotation support
  • Added some new options

List of issues covering changes in this release

ANNOTATIONCLOUD-149Watermark string to auto scale depending on the length of the stringImprovement
ANNOTATIONCLOUD-160Add Background color option to Link,Underline, Strikeout AnnotationsFeature
ANNOTATIONCLOUD-161Add squiggly annotation supportFeature
ANNOTATIONCLOUD-162Add method to get consumption of metered licenseImprovement

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

There is not backward incompatible changes in this release. Only new options were added:

AnnotationInfo.AutoScalebooleanSets auto scale for watermark annotation
AnnotationType.TextSquigglyenumThe annotation type that squiggly comments selected text
AnnotationInfo.SquigglyColorintSquiggly annotation color
AnnotationInfo.BackgroundColorintAdded support of background color to Link, Underline, Strikeout Annotations

The License API was introduced in this release, which allows to get metered license consumption information. See Getting metered license consumption