GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud 21.2 Release Notes

Major Features

  • Changed API methods so that all parameters are passed through request body instead of query string. This was necessary because of security reasons.
  • Annotations are now added directly to the document itself. So, export method was removed, and two new add methods was added.

List of issues covering changes in this release

ANNOTATIONCLOUD-118Remove passwords from query stringImprovement

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Changed methods table

VerbMethod before v21.2VerbMethod since v21.2Description
GET/annotationPOST/annotation/extractExtracts annotations from document
DELETE/annotationPOST/annotation/removeRemoves annotations from document
POST/annotationPOST/annotation/addAdds annotations to document and saves output file into cloud storage
--PUT/annotation/addAdds annotations to document and returns output file
GET/annotation/result-method removedExport annotations
GET/annotation/formatsGET/annotation/formatsRetrieves supported file formats list
GET/annotation/infoPOST/annotation/infoRetrieves basic document info - path, extension, formats, size etc
GET/annotation/pagesPOST/annotation/preview/createGenerates image representations from documents pages
DELETE/annotation/pagesPOST/annotation/preview/removeRemoves document’s pages image representations