GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud 20.10 Release Notes

Major Features

  • Added several new annotation types, including image annotation
  • Created docker version

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

ANNOTATIONCLOUD-104Add new annotation typesFeature
ANNOTATIONCLOUD-101Change parameters of method /annotation/pagesTask
ANNOTATIONCLOUD-102Remove /annotation/pdf methodTask
ANNOTATIONCLOUD-103Add/rename/remove annotation propertiesTask

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Removed /annotation/pdf method

The Method /annotation/pdf was removed.

Changed parameters of method /annotation/pages

Removed parameters

countPagesToConvert, pageNumber, enableCaching, cacheStoragePath

Added parameters

format, width, height, renderComments

Changed annotation properties

Changed some properties in AnnotationInfo structure

Guid property renamed to Id Removed DocumentGuid property CreatorGuid property renamed to CreatorId Added HorizontalAlignment property Added VerticalAlignment property Added Points property Changed type of PenStyle property from integer to enum Removed FieldText property Added Url property

Changed some properties in AnnotationReplyInfo structure

Guid property renamed to Id UserGuid property renamed to UserId ParentReplyGuid property renamed to ParentReplyId Message property renamed to Comment

Changed PageInfo structure

Removed IsVisible property Removed Rows property