GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud 18.4 Release Notes

Major Features

Below the list of the most notable features improvements and fixes for GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud 18.4:

  • Introduction of PHP SDK for GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud
  • Improved Replacement annotation for text in different paragraphs
  • Fixed import text field for Diagram documents
  • Fixed bug with import text annotations from PDF
  • Fixed resizing image when user pass width and height
  • Fixed creating of Arrow annotation for Diagrams
  • Fixed issue with wrong distance structure after export in diagram
  • Fixed issue with wrong polyline structure after export in diagram
  • Fixed bug with hanging of sample while importing distance annotation for slides
  • Fixed bug when importing area annotation
  • Fixed bug with importing annotations for diagrams
  • Improved export of underline text annotation for PDF
  • Improved export strikeout text annotation for PDF was
  • Improved  creating annotations from colored or transparent text
  • Fixed transparent text for all formats
  • Fixed bug when importing text for textfield annotation in Diagrams
  • Improved export of text annotations in PDF format
  • Implement adding annotations to metadata for Slides and Words formats
  • Implement import using metadata for Images
  • Improved Images annotating
  • Improved using metadata for annotating PDF documents
  • Refactored and improved annotating Images
  • Fixed issue when images cleanup leaves artifacts after annotations removing
  • Fixed wrong annotation range if other annotation has already been created in the same location for Words documents

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

KeySummaryIssue Type
ANNOTATIONCLOUD-49Add PHP SDK for GroupDocs.Annotation CloudNew Feature
ANNOTATIONNET-583Add text redaction annotation in SlidesNew Feature
ANNOTATIONNET-643Implement creating annotations in headerfooter in Words documentNew Feature
ANNOTATIONNET-582Add point with text for text annotationImprovement
ANNOTATIONNET-573Impove export of text annotations in SlidesImprovement
ANNOTATIONNET-570Improve annotation export for big font sizes for SlidesImprovement
ANNOTATIONNET-606Implement accepting SVG path also with spaces not only with commasImprovement
ANNOTATIONNET-602Improve CleanUp for diagramImprovement
ANNOTATIONNET-624Implement import using metadata in ImagesImprovement
ANNOTATIONNET-621Add annotations to metadata in WordsImprovement
ANNOTATIONNET-620Add annotations to metadata in SlidesImprovement
ANNOTATIONNET-619Improve Annotation.ImagingImprovement
ANNOTATIONNET-618Improve export text strikeout annotation for pdfImprovement
ANNOTATIONNET-617Improve export underline text annotation for pdfImprovement
ANNOTATIONNET-651Improve PDF format annotating using metadataImprovement
ANNOTATIONNET-650Refactoring ImagingImprovement
ANNOTATIONNET-591Fix Point annotation in SlidesBug
ANNOTATIONNET-589Fix opacity value for import in DiagramsBug
ANNOTATIONNET-584Bug with import text field for diagram.Bug
ANNOTATIONNET-581Arrow annotation doesn’t create for diagrams.Bug
ANNOTATIONNET-578Fix Slides bug with coordinates of paragraph and portionBug
ANNOTATIONNET-577Words:Fixed cleanup for text redaction annotation.Bug
ANNOTATIONNET-574Bug with import text annotations from PDFBug
ANNOTATIONNET-572Wrong distance structure after export in diagramBug
ANNOTATIONNET-571Wrong polyline structure after export in diagramBug
ANNOTATIONNET-612Fix transparent color for lines of underline and strikeout annotations for ImagesBug
ANNOTATIONNET-611Fix transparent colors in WordsBug
ANNOTATIONNET-609Underline style of annotation doesnt set on text in WordsBug
ANNOTATIONNET-608Annotation of underline doesnt set in table in WordsBug
ANNOTATIONNET-607Export adds extra comment for every shape in diagramsBug
ANNOTATIONNET-605The align of text for textfield of annotation is wrong in WordsBug
ANNOTATIONNET-603Bug after export strikeout annotation in WordsBug
ANNOTATIONNET-601Bug when importing text for textfield annotation in diagramsBug
ANNOTATIONNET-598Imported from word document resource redaction annotation does not have colorBug
ANNOTATIONNET-597Bug when importing area annotation from word documentBug
ANNOTATIONNET-596Bug with importing annotations for diagramsBug
ANNOTATIONNET-595The sample hangs while importing distance annotation for slides.Bug
ANNOTATIONNET-648Wrong annotation range if other annotation has already been created in the same locationBug
ANNOTATIONNET-646Cleanup leaves artifacts after deletion annotations in imagesBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

No changes in the public API.